Our Passion

Our passion drives us – Dare to Explore

Dare to explore. Go on. See what you’ve never seen before. The deep-seated desire to explore has always been a part of us. From day one we’ve been driven to see what’s around the next corner and over the horizon. Exploration is life, and the purpose of life is to live it; to taste it; to experience it in all its wild, sublime, beautiful, dreamy, jaw-dropping glory. To explore is to live without boundaries and to paint the stories of our lives with a palette of new colors.

It’s been said the road less travelled isn’t a road; it’s water. Some of the most exhilarating and profoundly beautiful places to explore in the world are only accessible by water. For those who have a passion for the ocean and a desire to explore this world, this is one of the greatest adventures one can have.

And we will get you there.

The perfect RIB.

Our mission at Highfield is to provide you with the world’s most perfect Inflatable Boat. A lofty goal? Maybe. Or maybe the same drive that keeps us pushing further into the unknown has pushed our innovation in RIBs. Innovations that matter like superior durability and construction for peace of mind when you’re far from home. Or dependable performance you know will always be there when conditions turn rough. And while safety on the water is always paramount, our belief and practice in form and function has led to stunning advancements in RIB comfort and style that you simply wouldn’t expect.

Design – Performance – Durability – Reliability

At Highfield, we want to give you more than just a RIB. We want to give you the confidence and the encouragement and the passion to continue exploring.  We honestly believe once you experience the unique combination of our nearly indestructible aluminum hulls combined with high-end luxury features not found in lesser RIBs, you’ll be taking your first step in a life-long journey of exploration.

Go on. Get out there, and Dare to Explore.